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We’re very excited to be able to give your team about one of the newest and most exciting in the way of IT Automation Engines. In today’s world, it is very important that companies are able to get their work done fast and in one of the simplest ways possible.

Ansible is a very powerful yet simple, easy to learn and simple to use automation engine that many companies have recently discovered works very well to get their rate of delivery faster than it ever has been.

Most Devs have to spend quite a bit of time solving the same problems over and over again. With Ansible, teams will be able to save time and be more productive, eliminate repetitive tasks, have fewer errors and mistakes and improve collaboration and job satisfaction.

Ansible is a great way to ensure that all your machines are configured correctly. You will be able to use Ansible in cases as simple as configuring a PC or a large group of remote servers on the cloud. Either way, Ansible is up for the job. There is no reason why you wouldn’t want your team to have Ansible in their tool set as it will only help them save time and spend that time in a more productive manner.

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Over the last few years, Ansible has rapidly become one of the most popular IT automation tools in the world. As a DevOps platform, Ansible’s modular architecture and broad applicability to a variety of automation and orchestration problems created a perfect storm for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

So this course readies you for the future. From configuration management: enforcing declared state across your infrastructure, to procedural application deployment, to broad multi-component and multi-system orchestration of complicated interconnected systems. It is agentless, so it can coexist with legacy tools, and it’s easy to install, configure, and maintain.

At the end of the course the student will understand:

Introduction to DevOps Ansible Essentials

  • What is DevOps Ansible?
  • The requirement for Ansible
  • Where Ansible is used
  • Core Ansible

Concepts of Ansible

  • The Architecture
  • Installation of Ansible Cluster
  • Prototyping virtual machines
  • Your 1st local server
  • What makes Ansible so special

Ansible and Playbooks

  • Running playbooks
  • Some real-world playbooks
  • Variables
  • Delegation, Local Actions and Pauses
  • Prompts, tags, and blocks

Roles and Includes

  • Includes
  • Roles
  • Ansible Galaxy


  • A web application
  • Ephemeral infrastructure: Dynamic Inventory
  • Reading data from Ansible


  • HA Cookbook
  • ELK logging with Ansible
  • GlusterFS distributed file system
  • Docker-based infrastructure


  • Ansible tower
  • Jenkins CI
  • Unit integrational, and functional testing


A good understanding of administration and manipulation of the frameworks involved. Some knowledge of Linux will help.


Developers and their managers. System administrators and the people who are responsible for scrutiny over the dev cycle.


Tools Needed:

  • Windows machine with 16GB, 2 CPUs, and about 20MB storage
  • Linux box with the same setup as Windows

Additional information

Course Duration

3 Day

Lab Count

10 Labs



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    Simple and effective design. One of my favorites.

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