Business System Analysis with UML 2

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Business System Analysis with UML 2

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This course focuses on how business analysts and business system analysts can provide object-oriented developers with concise specifications of the problem domain within which a software solution will be constructed. Students will learn the power of the Unified Modeling Language version 2 (UML 2) for expressing business concepts and project goals using object-oriented models, to prepare for either in-house, or out-sourced, technical designs and implementation.

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Starting with basic concepts, this course challenges students with real-world examples and exercises of object-oriented thinking and UML modeling within an analysis mindset. Extensive hands-on exercises using two complete and parallel, case studies assured that students see how a concept is modeled and then have the opportunity to immediately apply and test their understanding. Extensive hands-on exercises using two complete and parallel case studies assure that students see how a concept is modeled, and then have the opportunity to immediately apply and test their understanding.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Identify and conduct analysis tasks including defining the inputs, activities, and outputs of business system analysis with object-oriented modeling.
  • Discover and identify business abstractions from business requirements.
  • Translate business abstractions to object-oriented class representations in UML 2 notation.
  • Describe the value of responsibility-driven business analysis as a system organizing principle.
  • Develop both structural and behavioral UML models to specify a business domain from multiple perspectives, and know when to use each type of model.
  • Articulate a common analysis mindset and vocabulary to communicate effectively with other members of object-oriented projects.
Prerequisite: none

Audience: Business system analysts, business analysts, functional analysts and project managers who need a common, practical technique for constructing business analysis specifications of object-oriented systems prior to design and architecture activities.

Tools Needed: No computers or software modeling tools are used in this course. The emphasis is on how to analyze business needs in an object-oriented manner, not on using a case tool. With the concepts gained in this course the students made then apply them using any case will of their choice.



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